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The scope of the Human Disease Insight (HDI) database is not limited toresearchers or physicians as it also provides basic information to non-professionalsand creates disease awareness, thereby reducing the chances of patient suffer-ing due to ignorance. HDI is a knowledge-based resource providing information onhuman diseases to both scientists and the general public. Here, our mission is toprovide a comprehensive human disease database containing most of the availableuseful information, with extensive cross-referencing. HDI is a knowledge manage-ment system that acts as a central hub to access information about human diseasesand associated drugs and genes. In addition, HDI contains well-classified bioinfor-matics tools with helpful descriptions. These integrated bioinformatics tools enableresearchers to annotate disease-specific genes and perform protein analysis, searchfor biomarkers and identify potential vaccine candidates. Eventually, these toolswill facilitate the analysis of disease-associated data. The HDI provides two types ofsearch capabilities and includes provisions for downloading, uploading and searchingdisease/gene/drug-related information. The logistical design of the HDI allows forregular updating. The database was originally accessible from http://humandiseaseinsight.com, and now being moved to here https://hassanlab.org/hdi/.

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